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Our king undying, 2020.

Lestat from Queen of the Damned (the book not the movie), 2020

Concept art for abyssal Ezikal for a long term worldbuilding project, 2019.

Concept for my Pathfinder character Arkus Bane, 2019.

Final page of my Good Omens fan comic, 2019.

Cave Guardian, illustration in posca paint pens, 2019.

Commission of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, 2019.

A digital illustration of War in my four horses of the apocalypse series, 2019.

Irradiated Dreams, large charcoal and gouache drawing.

My Momster Gender, poetry and illustration series, 2020.

Spikes from my Back, poetry and illustration series, 2020.

Ink horror drawing, 2019.

The Witch, a bog vampire witch portrait, 2020.