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Commission Status: OPEN
Slots Available: 5/5

Illustration Commissions

Commissions for custom illustrations for personal use, icons, or character reference. Digital and traditional work available but traditional pieces will vary in price based on shipping costs.


$20 black and white/ink
$30 full color

Full Body:
$40 black and white/ink
$50 full color

+ $15 per character
+ $10 for background

(tips appreciated!)

Illustration Examples

Felting/Doll Commissions

Commissions for felted art dolls and collectibles for your original characters/animals, favorite characters, or a personally designed critter by me. Pieces range in size from just a few inches to nearly a foot in each dimension.


6" or less:
$65 for quadraped characters/creatures
$75 for bipedal characters

8" or greater:
$90 for quadraped characters/creatures
$100 for bipedal characters

Additional shipping cost not included (pieces are lightweight but may need a descent sized box)

(tips appreciated!)

Felting Examples


Communicate with me at my email ( for any specific questions or quotes for what a piece would cost. If you have a specific style in mind feel free to show me one of my previous works or another reference. For felting commissions let me know if you would like the piece to be fully wool or include clay sculpting or other accessories.