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A felted critter with yarn and sculpted clay details, their name is Bernard

A 13" tall felted figure of Darth Maul with sewn clothing

Transgress, Clay sculpture, 33" x 13", 2019. Clay figure with paper news clippings about transphobic violence and microaggressions embedded across it

Two felted doll figures of Crowley and Aziraphale from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens. Both are 11" tall.

A papercut scene with a humble creature.

Felted creature using wool and a simple armature. 4" tall.

A fully rigged, low poly, dragon character created in Maya. Both a study of creature anatomy and expressing personality in a non human form. Rig for simple posing and rendering purposes, not game or film ready.

A small imp doll made with polyclay, wire, and fabric. 4" tall.

A kenku or humanoid bird felted figure. 7" tall.

A felted, bipedal creature. 5" tall.

A legless, serpentine felted dragon with a polyclay sculpted head. 14" long, 12" wingspan.